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Meet Your Mentors

Kasem Rasheed

Kasem, began his entrepreneurial journey at 13 selling chocolate bars and mowing lawns. He later established a hookah catering business at 18 and expanded his career into wholesaling. Today, he owns multiple fast food franchises and co-founded ‘Babas Hot Chicken’, Novara motorsports + Weinerschitzel, along with several other successful ventures. Kasem’s approach is defined by networking and a no-nonsense mindset– As he often says, “Business doesn’t care about your feelings— f*ck it, keep pushing!”

Founder of NBT

Ommar Choudhry

Owner of Novara Motorsports

NBT mentor Ommar Choudhry, Kasem’s brother, started his business journey at 24 with a successful hookah lounge in Ontario, CA. While working a 9-5 job as a business banker, he managed the lounge from 7 pm to 2 am. After selling the lounge, he joined the family’s legacy of developing, owning, and operating quick-service restaurants. With over a decade of experience in commercial development, including shopping centers and drive-through restaurants, Ommar now owns and operates Novara Motorsports alongside his restaurant ventures.

Mike Hemood

Founder of Baba’s Chicken

NBT mentor Mike, a driven entrepreneur, began his business journey at 13, refurbishing and reselling electronics to support his family. Graduating high school at 17 with $20,000 in assets, he embarked on various entrepreneurial ventures. In 2011, he met Ommar and Kasem at Ommar’s Hookah bar, leading to a friendship and a joint venture in Glass Blowing. After six months, they parted ways but remained connected. In 2018, inspired by his wife, Mike ventured into the hot chicken business alongside his college studies. He joined forces with Ommar and Kasem, and together, they created Baba’s Chicken, now achieving over $2,000,000 in annual sales.

Omar Moreno

Real Estate Flip Expert

NBT mentor Omar Moreno, a true hustler, excels in various ventures. He specializes in fixing and flipping residential homes, property development, breeding French bulldogs, managing legal cannabis dispensaries, and owning a construction company. In 2023, he purchased and flipped residential properties every 45 days from January to August. His French bulldog breeding business, “100 Pack Kennels,” has seen rapid growth, with puppies selling for $15,000-$70,000 each. Omar is an industry expert with an unparalleled depth of knowledge in various fields.

Zaid Elian

Founder of Elian Electronics

NBT mentor Zaid, with a net worth of $120M, serves as the CEO of Elian Electronics. He is committed to the company’s strategy, performance, and growth, focusing on business development, electronics recycling, and IT Asset Disposition programs. With over a decade of success in electronics, recycling, and wholesale, Zaid is a seasoned executive with expertise in areas like organizational development, strategic planning, revenue growth, and business transformation.

Kevin Pak

Co-Founder of FBA Boss Academy

NBT mentor Kevin Pak started his journey in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in 2018, seeking online income opportunities while working as a personal trainer. His initial attempts involved watching YouTube videos and enrolling in a paid course, but costly mistakes taught him the importance of ranking high on Amazon’s search results. Now, Kevin achieves over $7,000,000 in annual Amazon sales and co-founded “FBA Boss Academy”. Their course is the #1 choice for aspiring FBA sellers, having assisted over 2,000 students, with some reaching $100,000 in monthly Amazon sales.

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A Little About Us

Novara Business Tactics (N.B.T), led by our founder Kasem, is a community driven by his talent in identifying emerging market trends and turning them into successful ventures. Kasem excels at transforming small ideas into thriving businesses through strategic acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence, achieving remarkable success at a young age.

“F*ck It Keep Pushing”- Kasem Rasheed

Ask and you shall receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is NBT?


NBT is a community for the people. Led by a team of entrepreneurs with 100+ years of combined experience in various fields, you can expect to learn about Amazon FBA, house flipping, Airbnb, restaurants, Section 8, and more. Each member is a self-employed master in their respective craft.

Who Is NBT For?


Novara Business Tactics caters to individuals aspiring for financial freedom, whether it’s an annual income of $100,000 or $10,000,000. NBT is the platform for those driven to push their limits and achieve their fullest potential. It’s designed for the ambitious, those seeking peace of mind, self-sufficiency, and an understanding that money doesn’t buy happiness but can transform crises into manageable inconveniences.

Who Is NBT Not For?


Novara Business Tactics caters to individuals aspiring for financial freedom, whether it’s an annual income of $100,000 or $10,000,000. NBT is the platform for those driven to push their limits and achieve their fullest potential. It’s designed for the ambitious, those seeking peace of mind, self-sufficiency, and an understanding that money doesn’t buy happiness but can transform crises into manageable inconveniences.

What Are Some Perks Of Joining NBT?


NBT conducts 2-3 weekly calls on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These calls feature guest speakers who educate members on diverse business facets, address inquiries, and analyze real-world business scenarios. Beyond core business topics, Novara Business Tactics offers valuable insights into car knowledge, life lessons, relationship wisdom, and comprehensive support from community leaders.

Why Is There An Application?


NBT is committed to delivering exceptional value, and we seek individuals who are driven, focused, and determined to be part of this community. Access to the group is a privilege reserved for those genuinely seeking financial knowledge and freedom.

What is Our Purpose?


Novara Business Tactics (N.B.T) is a thriving community committed to empowering entrepreneurs across all generations. Guided by the accomplished mastermind Kasem, we offer valuable resources, mentorship, and unwavering support to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Our mission is to nurture learning, growth, and success among all N.B.T community members.


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